Complete the Bleu Nail Café Group Reservation Form below.


We’ll need a credit card to hold the appointment spots, however there is no deposit or charge to your card prior to your event and guests can pay individually on the day of the event, a 20% gratuity for our technicians will be added on each guest’s check (or on the host’s bill if desired).

You can call later with your credit card number if you do not feel comfortable emailing it. If your date isn't available, we'll contact you regarding your date and time of your event. 

No later than five business days before your event, confirm your final guest list and which service(s) each guest would like. Should a guest cancel or downgrade her/his service to one of lesser value less than five business days before your event, the host will be responsible for paying for the service. We will make every attempt to fill vacancies created by a cancellation with another guest. If we can fill the vacancy, we will not charge you for the canceled service.


Make sure your guests arrive on time! We cannot delay the start of another customer’s scheduled appointment in order to accommodate late party guests. If a guest is late, we may have to abbreviate the service and the host will still be charged the full price of the service. We recommend arriving at least five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.